Happy Galentine's Day - Love, Audra


Happy Galentine's Day - Love, Audra


Happy Galentine's Day to our lovely readers!  Sign your own name on these custom labels and deliver to your favorite Gals.

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These are set up to be printed on a standard letter sized sheet and each label should be cut to approximately 4" x 3.25". 

Typically you can use a full sheet label (easy to find 8.5 X 11 Avery 5165/8165 paper) and have it printed on any home or commercial printer.  For instance Office Depot, etc all can print for around $0.70 per copy and can even cut it for you!  Or you can send the file to your local print shop and they will print and cut on their professional machines.   

I do not suggest purchasing pre-cut labels and attempting to line up the file to their layout.  It is definitely easiest to print the file on a full sheet and cut to your dimensions!

Finally, here is a very helpful set of instructions for removing the old labels and applying the new!  
You can read a very thorough set of instructions here:


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