Meet the team behind STUDIO B LABELS' fabulous work where our motto is 'Celebrate Everything!'  We are serious about exceeding customer expectations, superior print quality and bringing smiles to faces. 

So what are we not serious about?  Bios.


Rachel, Creative Superhero | Creator of Happiness

Rachel was born at a very young age and is a self-made thousandaire.  She comes from a Corporate American background (her previous name was 19056) and traded in her suits for yoga pants.  She is excellent at dreaming big, parallel parking and is exceptionally gifted at opening wine bottles.  Rachel loves cardio-shopping and hanging Post It notes--but not at the same time though.  Rachel lives vicariously through herself and loves sweatshirt season, her son Crew and George Michael look-a-like husband, Ryan.  She also has two furry Labrador children who are blissfully unaware they are, in fact, dogs.   Rachel also speaks fluent sarcasm.  One thing you should know about Rachel is that she literally smiles as she responds to customer emails--which is admittedly odd to watch.  She LOVES her customers and often brags that she has some of the best in the lower 48. 

Proverbs 31:25


Melody, Chief Everything Officer | Operations Rockstar

Melody has a BS in Biological Sciences, so naturally she spends her days in the creative land of label-making!  She’s a rookie-level selfie taker who loves sleep, dreads small talk, and whose hair is full of secrets anytime it’s humid out.  Melody is admittedly kinda weird, but it’s ok - her friends assure her it’s just a side effect of awesomeness.  When she’s not busy making sure your labels are perfect, Melody enjoys singing show tunes, drinking wine, and watching Food Network with her husband Joel.  Melody is perfectly happy to work quietly behind the scenes but knows that fabulous ends in “us.” Coincidence?  Doubt it.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Shelby, Design Ninja

Shelby is busy being fabulous and seemingly detests bios more than her co-workers and has yet to submit hers.  So 'The Utter Nonsense Generator' was enthusiastically up for the challenge to fill her space.  Here goes:

A thug over a cigar gives a pink slip to a bicep, because a guardian angel from the mirror slyly sells the girl over the midwife to a chain reaction. Jespera and I took a toothache inside the boy (with the completely strawberry-blonde trombone, a strawberry-blonde ruffian, a few toothpicks, and a necromancer) to arrive at a state of intimacy where we can thoroughly trade baseball cards with our curse. Unlike so many clodhoppers who have made their secretly gingerly bubble bath abhorrent to us, hands remain ghastly. 

Oh, and Rachel is awesome.  She definitely didn't write this.


Barb, Head Unicorn Wrangler | Office Mom

What can we say about Barb?!  She is the only one who didn't write her own bio because we REALLY wanted to brag on her for bit -- and she wouldn't dream of doing it herself.  Barb is our very own angel.  Light literally follows her around.  She is the kind of person who steps in to a room and makes everything around her more lovely and colorful.  Even one day after lunch, we saw songbirds fly to her outstretched arms and sing in harmony while Barb hummed "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." 

She keeps us in line and covers all of the things that we may forget.  We are so lucky to have Barb on our team and Studio B wouldn't be the same without her!   We heart Barb 4ever!